Six Effective Tips for Selling a Luxury Home in Portland

Portland is the largest city in Oregon, located about 80 miles from the Pacific Ocean. It sits right along the Columbia River, which separates Oregon and the state of Washington. With a population of over 0.65 million people, Portland would make just a good anything and everything, including luxury real estate.

Having said that, it is worth pointing out that selling a home in the city is not the easiest of tasks, although it is not rocket science. But the difficulty level increases when one has to sell a luxury home. In fact, many real estate agents are clueless when it comes to selling high-end property. As such, it is important to take steps to ensure the property is sold on time and for a reasonable price. Here are six tips for selling a luxury home in Portland.

1. Right pricing

Selling a luxury home is different from selling an average three-bedroom house. Since there is no price naming formula, most sellers get stuck. Yes, the stakes are typically high, considering the amount of investment that goes into setting up a luxury home, but pricing the home too high may mean it languishes on the market. Likewise, if the price is too low, the seller risks losing thousands of dollars. One of the best solutions is to find a comparative market analysis, which is usually available at luxury real estate agencies.

2. Professional Staging

Who doesn't know that luxury homes should be staged professionally? Typically, buyers want move-in-ready homes. Thankfully, professional staging no longer means ''furnishing every room.'' If the luxury home is vacant, only the key rooms may need to be staged. The bottom line is that the home should be at its best when selling.

3. Going Mobile

Mobile devices are very convenient, and it is no wonder most people access the internet using these devices. The same can be said of luxury home shoppers in Portland. Hence, ensuring that the luxury real estate site where the seller is listing their property is mobile-optimized is critical. The good news is that most agents are already aware that mobile-optimized presentation is necessary nowadays, so they factor in mobile compatibility when designing their websites.

4. Taking Advantage of 3D Technology

Some luxury home buyers may not have time to tour the home in person. Moreover, the buyer may want to acquire the property as their second or third home. It should not be forgotten that many of them are buying for luxury, so there may be no urgency to their purchase. However, with a 3D home tour, it is possible that buyers can fall in love with any good luxury home and commit to purchasing the same. Sellers who take advantage of 3D technology can ''walk potential buyers through'' their property without them (buyers) having to be physically present in the home.

5. Proper Presentation of Home Location and Lifestyle

Location and lifestyle play a significant role in the luxury tag. This is where a bird's eye view may come in. When selling a luxury home with, for instance, yacht or golf club privileges, it is critical to showcase that in the listing information. Buyers will always want to know what the general scenery looks like and who else lives in the neighborhood. A home set near the Columbia River gorge is likely to attract buyers almost instantly.

Portland is home to breathtaking scenery, including sparkling rivers, majestic forests, and rolling hills. It is best if the seller includes professional aerial images of the home and the entire neighborhood in the listing information. With drones that can capture super clear and detailed video footage, sellers no longer have to rely exclusively on still photographs.

6. Working with Right Agent

While there are many real estate agents in Portland, only a few specialize in luxury real estate. Working with a general real estate agent may not be the best idea. Sellers should seek to know about the agent's experience in selling luxury properties. An agent with expertise and experience in this area will always be familiar with the market. They also advise sellers on the dos and don'ts to ensure they get the best deals. Another advantage of working with a luxury real estate agent is that these specialists have a good network of potential buyers, and they won't hesitate to contact them to find out if they would be interested in a good home.

Final Thoughts

Selling a luxury home in Portland differs from selling a standard home in the same city. Although the tips in this guide do not guarantee successful selling, they boost the chances of successfully selling a luxury home in Oregon's largest city. Besides, there is no harm in trying to apply them; it is all about sellers trying to find what can work for them.